• 2003 Ford Courier

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  • May 2020
    It's a great vehicle it's great for carrying my dirty bike and rideon mower. there's enough room for the kids. Has amazing power for a diesel engine and is very economical
    —BRODIE H - 2003 Ford COURIER XLT 2.5TD W/S 4X2
  • Jan 2020
    Ford couriers are great trucks, highly recommend for anyone wanting a Ute on a budget.
    —Verdon C - 2003 Ford Courier XLX CREW CAB
  • Nov 2019
    Brought the truck then drove it 1100km back to Palmerston North without any trouble truck drove very nice and surprised me how economical it was.
    —Chey H - 2003 Ford Courier XLX D/CAB 4x4
  • Aug 2019
    Just what I was looking for to carry my dirt bikes
    —KEVIN G - 2003 Ford COURIER XLT 2.5TD W/S 4X2