• 2005 Ford Courier

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Comment Highlights (5)

  • Nov 2020
    Very tidy vehicle.
    —Gary D - 2005 Ford COURIER 2.5TD XL CRW W/S 4X2
  • Aug 2020
    Was NOT a disappointing purchase am very happy with the vehicle
    —Robert R - 2005 Ford Courier TD XL CRW W/S
  • Aug 2020
    The couriers are good reliable vehicles.
    —Nicholas M - 2005 Ford courier 2.5TD XLX CR W/S 4X2
  • Sep 2019
    Best vehicle
    —Amarjeet S - 2005 Ford Courier XLX 4.0P CREW 4X4
  • Sep 2018
    The low decks on these 2wd double cab Couriers are awesome for our business. While we also have Rangers and Hiluxs, for the guy doing the work on the ground these are much better.
    —Donaldson Civil Ltd - 2005 Ford Courier