• 2006 Ford Courier

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Helpful comments (4)

  • Oct 2019
    Loving the vehicle and very useful.
    —Dylan P - 2006 Ford courier XLX 4.0P CREW 4X2
  • Sep 2019
    They are more compact than current models, less technology in them to go wrong, have a better reputation for trouble free longevity than many of the current models as well.
    —Michael P - 2006 Ford Courier 2.5TD XLX CR W/S 4X4
  • Dec 2017
    I love my new ute and have had heaps of people saying home nice it is. It’s my pride and joy 😊
    —Malinda A - 2006 Ford Courier 2.6P XL
  • Dec 2017
    So far so good :)
    —Jamie R - 2006 Ford Courier 2.5TD XLX CR W/S 4X4