• 2008 Mazda Bt50

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  • Nov 2019
    Absolutely great 4x4. Good price, plenty of get up and go, and isnt too technical, built to function and keep going. Absolutely love it.
    —Maarken E - 2008 Mazda BT50 Turbo Diesel
  • Oct 2019
    So far very happy with it. A very tidy vehicle and a good price.
    —Wendy P - 2008 Mazda Bt-50 SDX Auto D/Cab 4x2
  • Mar 2019
    Really awesome to drive with good torque,Nice and simple dash/interior that's not over designed
    —Timothy P - 2008 Mazda BT-50 D/CAB W/S 2WD SDX
  • Feb 2019
    This vehicle is the closest I could get to what I needed.I was having to replace my Mazda bounty 2500 single cab long deck for my work as a self employed gardener
    —Annette R - 2008 Mazda BT-50 C/plus W/S 2WD
  • Dec 2018
    we love the vehicle.
    —Lynette C - 2008 Mazda BT-50 D/C W/S 4WD SDX 5 AT
  • Nov 2018
    Great ute tows well
    —Hayden R - 2008 Mazda Bt-50 SDX 4WD 3.0L TD Manual
  • Jul 2018
    Buy one.
    —Jeremy T - 2008 Mazda BT-50 D/CAB W/S 2WD SDX
  • Nov 2017
    Great truck everything I was looking for
    —Hayden C - 2008 Mazda BT-50 D/CAB W/S 4WD SDX AB