• 2014 Toyota Hilux

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  • Jan 2021
    It is what I want dose what i want happy with buy
    —shane G - 2014 Toyota Hilux SR5TDDC 3.0D/4WD/5AT
  • Jan 2021
    Very good reliable truck, fits me an my partner very well. Cheers
    —Konnor M - 2014 Toyota Hilux TDDC 3.0D4WD5A/UT4D5
  • Jan 2021
    very good
    —Pepetua S - 2014 Toyota HILUX SR5DC 4.0P/5AT/UT/4D
  • Dec 2020
    Great vehicle. Just what I need.
    —Dion T - 2014 Toyota Hilux TD DC
  • Nov 2020
    Very Reliable vehicle
    —SGB HOLDINGS LIMITED - 2014 Toyota Hilux 2WD 3.0TD DC UTE 5M
  • Nov 2020
    Just what we needed thanks!
  • Nov 2020
    I love my Toyota Hilux, I had one from 1990 back in Adelaide and she just kept going and going. I imagine this Hilux will be the same, only it has all the updated bonuses/techy stuff that I'm wrapped with! Air conditioning, tinted windows, bluetooth etc. I recently had a breaking system installed in her and look to tow my tiny house in the next few days.
    —Jordon W - 2014 Toyota Hilux 2WD 3.0TD DC UTE 5M
  • Oct 2020
    One of the most comfortable utes I have driven
    —LW Pryor - 2014 Toyota Hilux 3.0TD DC NZ NEW
  • Sep 2020
    Excellent position for the driver with respect to the seat , steering wheel and gearstick. Good vision all around , great mirrors , longer tray and a bar behind the cabin > easy to load even long timber in the tray and over the cab. Excellent power and torque uphill . Really like the truck. It will also be good for towing a caravan or a 5th wheel in the future . Thanks Albert R
    —PHYSIO FIT LIMITED - 2014 Toyota Hilux 3.0 Litre Diesel Xtra Cab 4x4
  • Jul 2020
    Early days but seems to be a good buy from my perspective.
    —YOUR SPACE TAUPO LIMITED - 2014 Toyota Hilux 4WD
  • Jun 2020
    Love the ute gose good
    —Tex K - 2014 Toyota Hilux SR5 4WD 3.0TD DC 5M
  • May 2020
    Very impressed with performance and comfort.Great to drive.
    —Trevor W - 2014 Toyota Hilux SR5 D/Cab 2WD
  • Mar 2020
    Plenty of power with turbo. Easy to drive and comfortable. Good vision.
    —David D - 2014 Toyota Hilux 4WD 3.0TD SC/CC 5M
  • Feb 2020
    So far we are happy. No problems.
    —Lionel W - 2014 Toyota Hilux TDDC 3.0D4WD5A/UT4D5
  • Feb 2020
    It's a good vehicle I will recommend it.
    —Servatu Contractors Limited - 2014 Toyota Hilux TDDC 3.0D4WD5A/UT4D5
  • Jan 2020
    Great Vehicle that I have purchased
    —Brian H - 2014 Toyota Hilux SR5 4WD
  • Sep 2019
    I am very pleased with the truck.
    —PATRICK R - 2014 Toyota HILUX 4X4
  • Apr 2019
    The vehicle was exactly what I was looking for as I already have another one the same. It is in very good order for its age.
    —C & R Sergeant Limited - 2014 Toyota Hilux D/CAB DIESEL (NZNEW)
  • Jul 2018
    excellent choice
    —Handyman Wizard ltd - 2014 Toyota Hilux 4WD 3.0TD DC UTE 5M
  • Nov 2017
    Love this truck
    —Russell B - 2014 Toyota Hilux SR5